* Water Conservation: We have seen a total property reduction in water usage of 30% to 70% on each property that has been sub-metered to date.

* Lowered Association Dues or Increased Building of Deferred Maintenance Account: The condominium association is able to reduce the operating budget by removing the water/sewer expense. This allows the association to put this money into the deferred maintenance account, increase spending on property maintenance and improvements, or decrease association dues.

* Responsibility: Payment becomes the responsibility of the person who uses the water. The condominium association has no further liability for any water usage other than pool and irrigation. In addition, if a unit is vacant, water can be disconnected to ensure no loss of water through leaks.

* Earlier Leak Detection: If there is an undetected leak in a unit, it will produce a high bill. This prompts residents to report leaks and have them repaired. Also, each water meter will have its own leak indicator.

* Increased Convenience: If there is a leak in a unit that is causing property damage, the water can be turned off at the meter. This will affect only the unit that has the leak. Currently, water to the entire property or building has to be turned off when there is a problem in a single unit.

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