* There will be a one-time interruption in water service during meter installation. CWM will install meters during summer months when the least number of people are in residence.

* Some damage to landscaping during meter installation is unavoidable. We try to keep damage to a minimum, and we will coordinate with your landscaper.

* Tenants and owners must deal with another utility bill. Just like any other utility, this is part of personal responsibility.

* Tenants must pay their water bill on top of rent. At first glance, this may make it look unattractive to prospective tenants. However, all properties built since 1991 have individual water meters. Meters installed on your units simply put them on an equal basis with other properties. Tenants may notice water is not included, but give it very little weight when making their decision to rent since it is the same as other units. The unit is the selling point.

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